For years and years, I was never a fan of the horror genre. I’d never watch scary or slasher films or read any kind of scary stories.

When I was a kid (and a teenager) the dark, unusual noises and being at home alone freaked me out. I’d scramble for the light switch or bolt up the stairs to bed to escape whatever crazy or creepy imaginative concoction was chasing me. Horror or paranormal was not my thing. Action, adventure or comedy was all my thing.

Fast forward several years (give or take) I love nothing more than watching or reading a horror or paranormal story. What’s even stranger, is the fact that I love to write them too. Stranger things have happened, I know. Maybe it was my subconscious way of dealing with my fears. I like to think of myself as ‘multi genre’, meaning I enjoy jumping from horror to thriller to action etc. I never stick to an exclusive genre, say just horror. I believe the world of literature is there to be explored by all writers as well as readers.

This is my website for sharing my thoughts, ideas and new works. I’m working hard on several projects. First off, is my collection of stories about ‘below the radar’ collector, Irv Oswald. You can find out more about him here.

Secondly, is ‘Chiller’, which is a collection of short, chilling stories. Short stories, purely because I find them easier to complete! And that’s most likely because I juggle my writing between a full time management career, a marriage, three kids and a crazy house that never stays tidy.

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Al G

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